Sunday, June 20, 2010


For someone who loves to write, it has taken me way too long to start this blog. Thank goodness for friends who know how to nudge you along - and when to shove you into action if the nudging doesn't seem to be working.

So here it goes - my leap off this particular mental cliff. Hope you'll join me.

I saw a quote on a t-shirt recently that summed up the struggle I am currently waging in my life right now: "You can have excuses or results - not both." Oh, they may be real, true, righteous excuses - but they are excuses nonetheless. So I have to pick - every day, sometimes minute by minute - which is it going to be: excuses or results?

This past year has been one of tremendous change for me (more on that as the blogging continues) and the changes just keep on coming. I'm having to re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about myself and how my life was going to be at this point. At times this has been paralyzing - that's when the excuses start to pile up and everything comes to a grinding halt. And that's when I've found that the only remedy is ACTION. Purposeful, thoughtful action is - of course - ideal, but sometimes it's just necessary to take ANY action, something to gain momentum forward, trusting that there's always time for course corrections later. Easier said than done for a perfectionist with impossibly high expectations for herself. But practice makes better (if not perfect) and I now strive to practice this every day.

And, thus, a blog is born.

Excuses and expectations. Action and results. Onward into battle...